Hiring 2D Artist, details inside


IndieScape Games is looking for freelance, short term contract work for a 2D Artist . As we prepare for our third commercial release we have some capital for an artist specifically talented in creating eye-appealing capsule art for Steam. There is room for improvement in our HUD and User Interface in-game, and the candidate could work directly with source material of our game.


There are no requirements for this job other than English (broken English is fine); but there will be a pretty informal interview will take place where it would help if you have examples of your work in a portfolio to share. 


Pay dependent on quality of examples provided in interview, gratuity will be given at end of contract based on communication, speed, and quality of work delivered. Longer term contracts will be given to those that provide excellent service. We would like to grow our team long term, and we want to reward those who perform well.

So, if working with this guy doesn't scare you, and you want to work on a small team delivering excellent 2D work, let me know! Email me at Chad@IndieScapeGames.com or hit me up in Discord (https://discord.gg/DhUW7CVj)! 


  • Good communication skills
    • English Speaking (broken English is fine)
  • Portfolio of past work
    • 2D, 3D
    • Capsule Art for Steam
    • UI/HUD in-game
  • Confidence in work, understanding how start ups grow, gamer
  • Not afraid of joining a team that is set to grow and turn into a long term project

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