Proud to announce Spookville: Cabin Escape


The idea for Spookville started in January when it was too cold to go outside to play, and my son and I were at eachother's throats while we were playing Fortnite. I have always had an interest in game development so I pitched him the idea of making our own game. The rest is history.

The game is strongly influenced by Tim Burton's artistic and gothic style of story telling. We both enjoy films like Nightmare Before Christmast and Corpse Bride, so we tried to bring some of that style over into the art direction of our game. We like to describe it as "Tim Burton meets Fortnite".

We have gone through several iterations and ideas of what the game could be, and we are super happy with how it is shaping up now. We are working on rounding out the storyline but the core gameplay is there, a third person shooter adventure game with some horror aspects to it. We hope you enjoy the dev logs we will be posting on YouTube as we near a playable demo coming soon!

cab wesbite 2

cabin website 1

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